EX NOVO vol. 6

Making Archaeology Public. A view from the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe

The sixth issue of Ex Novo seeks to explore how “peripheral” regions currently approach both the practice and theory of public archaeology placing particular emphasis on Eastern and Southern Europe, extending the analysis to the whole Mediterranean area including northern Africa and the Near East. However, contributions bringing forward experiences matured in other regions than those mentioned above – yet equally underrepresented in the discourse about public archaeology – will be considered for inclusion in the dedicated section “Making Archaeology Public – Off the Map”.

We invite contributions focused on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • The state of the debate on Public Archaeology in those countries where issues related to make archaeology public are usually under-represented in the archaeological discipline;
  • The different political strategies, economic policies, and administrative procedures connected to the practice of Public Archaeology put in place in the Mediterranean area, and in Southern and Eastern Europe. Contribution focusing on Northern/Central Europe will be accepted only if confronted with the areas focus of the call.
  • Theoretically informed papers concerning the on-going global debate on Public Archaeology;

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