Heritage In The Making (EX NOVO Vol. 5)

Heritage in the Making: Dealing with Legacies of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany

Edited by Flaminia Bartolini

Over the last decade, critical heritage studies have highlighted the role of dictatorship in different historical and social realities. Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, and broadly military regimes of the twentieth century, have often been pivotal in the creation of consensus through propagandistic reinterpretation of the Past. As recent scholarly work has shown, the Fascist reuse of Romanitas and Nazi Philo-Hellenism were not only a sign of cultural reception of the Antiquities but were a key political tool to create and motivate contemporary societies. Once the Nazi and Fascist regimes fall, material legacies of these regimes become object of destruction, reinterpretation and memory work. Thus, heritage taint by regimes and produced by them have not only paid the consequences of damnatio memoriae in the aftermath of regime changes but continues to inflame the contemporary public debate.

The 5th issue of Ex Novo – due to be released in winter 2020 – brings together a group of international heritage experts and professionals from Germany and Italy to explore the complexities of dealing with Heritage of Fascism and National Socialism. The aim is to examine the shifting conditions of the reception of dictatorial regimes, and the fate of fascist material legacies from the aftermath of the Second World War to the present day.

This collection of papers stems from the successful workshop Heritage in the making: dealing with legacies of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, held at McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge in December 2018.