EX NOVO vol. 8 (2023)

Balkan Archaeology as a Laboratory. Challenging Old Paradigms and Experimenting with New Ones

Edited by Maja Gori, Daniela Heilmann & Kristina Penezić

The two main shifts that have challenged traditional paradigms of interpretation in European and world archaeology – the emergence of processualism starting in the late 1960s and the ensuing counter movement of post-processual archaeology in the early 1980s – did not affect much research in Balkan Prehistory. As a consequence Balkan archaeology has been often criticized for being rather conservative and not particularly responsive to changing perspectives and paradigms, remaining thus confined in the traditionalist camp.

The 8th issue of Ex Novo aims to stimulate the debate on the delayed reception of current theoretical frameworks as well as explore new research avenues pursued by scholars working on Balkan Prehistory (Neolithic to Iron Age). the ultimate goal is to challenge with novel theoretical approaches and methods the entrenched paradigms that are still widespread in archaeological interpretations, and use Balkan archaeology with its rich source material as a laboratory for new models, paradigms, and approaches.

For this volume we gathered contributions focused on the role of Balkan Archaeology within European Archaeology: past and present developments; scientific communications of research results and impact of Balkan Archaeology on wider archaeological and public community via scientific papers, (social) media and exhibitions; case studies from Balkan Prehistory (Neolithic period to Iron Age) challenging present paradigms and stereotypes, perhaps experimenting with new ones.

Gm.gen.math (released on the occasion of the Tribute to Herbert W. Franke, courtesy of @ Aleksandra Jovanić)