EX NOVO vol. 7 (2022)

Old Narratives and Modern Myths. When the Past Fuels the Present

Editors: M. Gori, M. Revello Lami, A. Pintucci, M. Fusco, J. Garcia-Sanchez, M. Crudo

The 7th issue of Ex Novo Journal of Archaeology gathers contributions that engage with contemporary perspectives on antiquity linking the past to the present and cross traditional scholarly boundaries. Overall, the volume investigates the multifaceted relationship between archaeological practice and the role of the past in current society by bringing to the fore current theoretical, political and heritage issues connected to the discipline.

Papers range from the construction of modern identity in the Basque country based on archaeological narratives, the reception of classical Greece’s foundation myths in nineteenth century Balkans, to the mechanisms of assimilation and conservatism as expressed through the materiality of the remnants of a Roma slum in the outskirts of Rome.


(photo courtesy of @Francesca Dell’Era, “Italianità acquisita”, 9 February 2021)