Current Issue

Ex Novo Vol. 3 (2018) “Practices, Representations and Meanings of Human Mobility in Archaeology

edited by Maja Gori, Martina Revello Lami & Alessandro Pintucci

It has been abundantly demonstrated that theories and paradigms in the humanities are influenced by historical, economic and socio-cultural conditions, which have profoundly influenced archaeology’s representation of migration. This was mostly conceived as the study of the movement of large and homogenous population groups, whose identity was often represented as ethnically characterized. The present-day shift of attention from collective to individual agency and the countless facets of migration goes hand in hand with new socio-political and cultural scenarios such as the extraordinary migratory flows into Europe, shifting boundaries, alternative forms of citizenship and identity, and the emergence of emotive reactionism.

The third issue of Ex Novo gathers multidisciplinary contributions addressing mobility to understand patterns of change and continuity in past worlds; reconsider the movement of people, objects, and ideas alongside mobile epistemologies, such as intellectual, scholarly or educative traditions, rituals, practices, religions and theologies; and provide insights into the multifaceted relationship between mobile practices and their shared meanings and how they are represented socially and politically.

List of Contents

Maja GORI, Martina REVELLO LAMI & Alessandro PINTUCCI
Practices, Representations and Meanings of Human Mobility in Archaeology 

Paraskevi ELEFANTI & Gilbert MARSHALL
Assessing Scales and Variability of Mobility in the Palaeolithic Record of Greece: The Case of the Argolid Peninsula, North-Eastern Peloponnese 

Maurizio CRUDO
Greek Migration along the Ionian Coast (Southern Italy) 

Variation in Material Culture:  Adoption of Greek Ceramics in an Indigenous Sicilian Site (8th century BC)   

The Jewish Diaspora in the Roman Empire: Diaspora, Social Agents and Social Networks: Discussing Elements towards the creation of a new toolkit 

Domiziana ROSSI
A Road to Fīrūzābād 

Marijn STOLK
Issues of Identity: An Archaeological approach on the identity of Jewish refugees in 17th century Amsterdam 

From army material culture to popular heritage, and beyond. The PSP “cancelli di Venosa” as paradigm of object biography theory. 

A. Falcone & A. D’Eredità (eds.) ARCHEOSOCIAL L’Archeologia Riscrive il Web: Esperienze, Strategie e Buone Pratiche, Rende (CS): Dielle Editore, 2018, 195 pp.

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 Cover Image: “Migrazioni” (hand cut collage on paper) courtesy of Claudia D’Angelo (2018) ©