Article Format

  • Title and abstract: The title of the article should be centered at the top of the title page, with the abstract below. The abstract should be no longer than 180 words and should outline the problems discussed, methodology, and conclusions.
  • Paragraphs and Headings: Paragraphs should be left-aligned and unindented. Use a double return after each paragraph. All headings should be typed on a separate line, not run in with the text. There should be no additional spacing before or after lines.
  • Spelling: We accept both British and American English. If you are not a native speaker, please have your paper corrected by one before submission.
  • Notes and Acknowledgements: Notes should be formatted as footnotes rather than endnotes and numbered in one series. Notes are referred to in the text with a superscript number. Acknowledgments should not be included in an initial submission, as this may compromise anonymity. In a revised submission, any acknowledgments should appear in the first footnote, with the note reference placed at the end of the abstract.
  • Figures: upon acceptance of the paper, illustrations should be submitted in publishable form with clear labeling in English. We do not distinguish between Figures and Plates. All illustrations are Figures and should be numbered consecutively.
  • Tables: Tables should be numbered consecutively. All sections of tables should be double-spaced. A short caption should be placed above each table. Long tables are best presented on a maximum of one published page, which equates to 35–40 one-line rows in MS Word (fewer if there are several table footnotes). Complex tables are best submitted as figures.

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