Ex Novo Vol. 6 – Call For Contributions


The concept of Public Archaeology has profoundly changed since Mc Gimsey’s first formulation in the early 1970s, as it developed a solid conceptual and practical framework along the years that makes it now an independent branch of archaeology. However, in English-speaking and Northern European countries, the perception of archaeology as a common good was widely spread even before the actual formalization of Public Archaeology as a specific curriculum offered by several universities. Not surprisingly, such an earlier interest led to the development of a markedly Central and Northern European perspective on the topic, which keeps steering much of the current reflection on Public Archaeology despite the emergence of multiple and alternative standpoints on the matter, further deepening the “Great Divide” between the archaeologies of Northern and Southern European countries.

The sixth issue of Ex Novo seeks to explore how “peripheral” regions currently approach both the practice and theory of public archaeology placing particular emphasis on Eastern and Southern Europe, extending the analysis to the whole Mediterranean area including northern Africa and the Near East. However, contributions bringing forward experiences matured in other regions than those mentioned above – yet equally underrepresented in the discourse about public archaeology – will be considered for inclusion in the dedicated section “Making Archaeology Public – Off the Map”.

We welcome traditional journal articles, short essays, book reviews, interviews, and other genres of contributions including visual artworks, graphic novels and photographic reports.

If you wish to contribute to this issue please contact Maja Gori at Maja. Gori@cnr.it by the 15th December 2020 enclosing an abstract of max. 300 words.

If you wish to submit a review or send a book to be reviewed please contact Maurizio Crudo at mauriziocrudo@gmail.com. Please note that book review proposals do not need to be preceded by an abstract.

Proposals for visual artworks should be sent at an earlier stage of preparation to Martina Revello Lami at m.revello.lami@arch.leidenuniv.nl.

Upon acceptance, all papers and reviews shall be submitted by the 31st March 2021 through the OJS platform of Archaeopress Publishing Ltd that will be launched shortly.

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