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Exploring The Public Perception Of Communist Heritage In Post Communist Albania

(by Francesco Iacono &  Klejd L. Këlliçi) This paper focuses on a case study from contemporary Albania and represents one of the first attempts at addressing the social significance of the remnants of the recent communist past in this country. Our results suggest that there is a considerable widely shared interest in the material remains
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Heritage For Development, Multiethnic Communities, And The Case Of Butrint National Park On The Albanian-Greek Border

(by Dana Phelps) This paper is an account of ethnographic fieldwork conducted between 2010 and 2013 in the villages within the UNESCO World Heritage site of Butrint National Park (Albania). It reveals the complex tangle that exists between development and heritage projects in transitioning countries such as Albania, which is re-positioning its governance within a
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Perchè l'Archeologia? Why Archaeology?

(by Editorial Board) An interview with Giovanni Azzena, Barbara Barich, Giampietro Brogiolo, Renato Peroni, Mario Torelli By Confederazione Italiana Archeologi (with Editors’note) Article – Export Citation    

Human Mobility in Archaeology (Vol.3, 2018 forthcoming)

Practices, Representations and Meanings Of Human Mobility in Archaeology Every society experiences movement. As a structural component of human behavior and human mind, movement necessarily influences ways of thinking, relations of people to space, time, tradition, the organization of societies, and also modifies the perception of things and human relations to them. Mobility has been
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