Archaeology In The Adriatic. From The Dawn To The Sunset Of Communist Ideologies

(by Elisa Cella, Maja Gori, Alessandro Pintucci) This paper focuses on the development of archaeology in Albania and Yugoslavia and their relation first to fascism and then to communism and socialist regimes. It is argued that different uses of archaeology are the product of a complex interaction between the development of archaeological discipline and historical,
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Are We Still Illyrians?

(by Valerie Higgins) This paper examines the changing attitudes of young Albanian archaeologists to Albania’s archaeological heritage. Particular issues that are addressed are the perceived role of the Illyrians in national identity and the willingness of young archaeologists to embrace new types of heritage sites, such as industrial and Cold War archaeology. This paper examines
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Exploring The Public Perception Of Communist Heritage In Post Communist Albania

(by Francesco Iacono &  Klejd L. Këlliçi) This paper focuses on a case study from contemporary Albania and represents one of the first attempts at addressing the social significance of the remnants of the recent communist past in this country. Our results suggest that there is a considerable widely shared interest in the material remains
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