Ex Novo Vol. 9 - Call for Papers

Learning, Teaching, Changing African Archaeologies Spanish – Algerian teams surveying the area at the foot of the Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania (Photo Credits @ Javier Rodriguez Pandozi)   Our understanding of African archaeologies is often affected by Eurocentric, colonialist, and post-colonialist perspectives. These shape our perception of Africa as this singular monolith of backwardness, devastation,
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EX NOVO vol. 7 (2022)

Old Narratives and Modern Myths. When the Past Fuels the Present Editors: M. Gori, M. Revello Lami, A. Pintucci, M. Fusco, J. Garcia-Sanchez, M. Crudo The 7th issue of Ex Novo Journal of Archaeology gathers contributions that engage with contemporary perspectives on antiquity linking the past to the present and cross traditional scholarly boundaries. Overall,
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EX NOVO vol. 8 (2023)

Balkan Archaeology as a Laboratory. Challenging Old Paradigms and Experimenting with New Ones Edited by Maja Gori, Daniela Heilmann & Kristina Penezić The two main shifts that have challenged traditional paradigms of interpretation in European and world archaeology – the emergence of processualism starting in the late 1960s and the ensuing counter movement of post-processual
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