Hitnes – The Sunken Collection (2016)

Myths and Fragments from a Different Time

Contemporary art exhibition by Elisa Cella and Hitnes

Museo Civico Etrusco Romano di Trevignano Romano (Rome – IT)

Sunday 17th July – Sunday 16th October 2016

Invito collezione sommersa [3768]

The Etrusco-Roman Museum is pleased to announce the opening of The sunken Collection. Myths and Fragments from a Different Time, a temporary exhibition of selected pottery artworks by Hitnes, Italian muralist, street artist, illustrator, cartoonist, story border working in Europe, Australia, Mexico and China. The exhibition will stage a sequence of animal-based pieces – the hallmark of Hitnes – celebrating the relationship between the lake and its inhabitants, wild creatures sharing their natural instincts with humans, taking the visitor on a fantastic journey across myths and forgotten tales. Hitnes’ universe is a world populated by real animals, not fantastic at all apparently, but truly human. Our eternal emotions, deeds, flaws, ambitions, gestures gain new strength in his artworks, which combine the most diverse styles, techniques and matters. It is from this contamination between parallel worlds and matters that stems Hitnes’ original message, an invitation to go back to and analyze the primordial human signs.

The sunken collection. Myths and fragments from a different time accepted the challenge of bringing archaeology enthusiasts into a fictional world, where contemporary art and Etruscan vestiges blend together creating a parallel dimension. Here, the boundaries between myths and narratives fade in, as the boundaries between different techniques, forms and styles do in Hitnes’ ceramic artworks.

Biodiversity, allegory, play, fiction, imitation, recycling, humanity are the fundamentals of Hitnes’ art that finds new ways of representation in this exhibition, especially drawing inspiration from the permanent collection hosted by the Museum.

To fully enjoy this experimental sunken collection, visitors need to make a deal with the artist and agree to be taken away by a narration where true and false, past and present, illusion and reality become indistinguishable sailing across mimetic waters.

The exhibition, supported by the Regional Council of Lazio, will be coupled with a series of workshops in September and October 2016. Contributors will address issues concerning the significance of fakes in art and archaeology, the relationship between contemporary art and environment, the reinterpretation of ancient ceramic artefacts by early 20th century artisans and designers, the relationship between contemporary art, archaeology, lake ecosystem and street art torn between social recovery and galleries.

Ticket price 2 euros. Free entry every Wednesday and for visitors under 18 or with disabilities. The fund raised will be allocated to make the existing exhibition fully accessible and engaging to all audiences, as well as implement our educational aids for a better public understanding of science.

The Museum is intended as an open space, designed to be enjoyed by its visitors freely, to inspire and engage them in the very process of discovering and disseminating knowledge. All our guests are invited to take pictures and share anything that will catch their imagination or heart on every social medium.

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