Heritage in the Making

Dealing with the Legacies of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany (Ex Novo Vol. 5) Guest Editor Flamina Bartolini The fifth volume of Ex Novo has the pleasure to host Flaminia Bartolini as guest editor for the special issue titled Heritage in the Making. Dealing with Legacies of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.  This collection of
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Heritage Management. The Natural and Cultural Divide

Ex Novo Vol. 4, December 2019 Edited by H. Van Londen, M. J. Schlaman, A. Travaglia The fourth volume of Ex Novo has the pleasure to host Heleen van Londen, Marjo J. Schlaman, and Andrea Travaglia as guest editors of the special issue titled The Natural and The Cultural. Integrating Approaches in Landscape Heritage Management.
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Human Mobility in Archaeology

Practices, Representations and Meanings Volume 3, 2018 Edited by M. Gori, A. Pintucci & M. Revello Lami It has been abundantly demonstrated that theories and paradigms in the humanities are influenced by historical, economic and socio-cultural conditions, which have profoundly influenced archaeology’s representation of migration. This was mostly conceived as the study of the movement
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