Heritage Management. The Natural And Cultural Divide

Heleen van Londen, Marjo Schlaman, Arkadiusz Marciniak In 2005, David Lowenthal commented on the dissimilar approaches to natural and cultural heritage and how these differences impact the protection and management of these heritages. His analysis touches on the western European perceptions of nature and culture that go back to the Age of Enlightenment. In his
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Ex Novo n. 4 - Foreword

Maja Gori, Martina Revello Lami, Alessandro Pintucci The fourth volume of Ex Novo has the pleasure to host Heleen van Londen, Marjo Schlaman, and Andrea Travaglia as guest editors of the special issue titled The Natural and The Cultural. Integrating Approaches in Landscape Heritage Management. This timely collection of peer-reviewed papers and short essays seek
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