Introducing The ExN Blog

The Blog Factor in Academia (by M. Revello Lami) Hosting a blog on a scientific journal can be a source of controversy among academics. It may sound like a frivolous distraction from the real work, revealing a too favorable attitude toward social media. However, as academics we are constantly asked to make our research more
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Who Owns The Past? (Vol.2, 2017)

Who Owns the Past? Archaeological Heritage between Idealisation and Destruction (edited by M. Gori, M. Revello Lami, A. Pintucci) The second issue of Ex Novo hosts papers exploring the various ways in which the past is remembered, recovered, created and used. In particular, contributions discuss the role of archaeology in present-day conflict areas and its
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Thracology And Nationalism In Bulgaria

(by Ivan Marinov  & Nicolas Zorzin) Thracology and Nationalism in Bulgaria. Deconstructing Contemporaneous Historical and Archaeological Representations   It is now widely acknowledged that Bulgarian academic discourses of the country’s so-called communist era (1945-1989) were heavily politicized with the aim of nationalizing and ethnicizing the history of the Bulgarian people. This communist era phenomenon subscribes
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Frontiers Of Romania

(by Emily R. Hanscam) Frontiers of Romania: Nationalism and the Ideological Space of the Roman Limes   Modern Romania is a nation-state containing space which has long been considered marginal – first as part of the Roman Empire and now within the European Union. The national narrative of Romania highlights this liminality, focusing on the
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The Rights Of Reproducing Cultural Heritage

(by Augusto Palombini) The rights of reproducing Cultural Heritage in the digital Era. An Italian Perspective   The spread of digital technology has led to a renewed phase within the debate on property rights in Cultural Heritage reproduction. This topic is addressed in different ways, but it is currently under discussion both in Europe and
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Reconstructing Cultural Heritage In Conflict Zones

(by Nour A. Munawar) Reconstructing Cultural Heritage in Conflict Zones: Should Palmyra be Rebuilt? Cultural heritage has fallen under the threat of being of damaged and/or erased due to armed conflicts, and destruction has increasingly become a major part of daily news all over the world. The destruction of cultural heritage has escalated in Syria
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Remembering Beirut

(by Caroline A. Sandes) Remembering Beirut: Lessons for Archaeology and (Post-) Conflict Urban Redevelopment in Aleppo The reconstruction of central Beirut after the Lebanese civil war by Solidere is not generally considered a success. It has resulted in a soulless, expensive and exclusive area aimed at tourists and wealthy overseas business people who have generally
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The Impact Of The Fall Of Communism On European Heritage (Vol.1, 2016)

(edited by M. Gori and V. Higgins) The first issue is concerned with quite a challenging topic, that is “The Impact of the Fall of Communism on European Heritage”:  it results from a regular session held at the 2014 Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists in Istanbul. The proceedings are edited by Valerie Higgins
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Perchè l'Archeologia? Why Archaeology?

(by Editorial Board) An interview with Giovanni Azzena, Barbara Barich, Giampietro Brogiolo, Renato Peroni, Mario Torelli By Confederazione Italiana Archeologi (with Editors’note) Article – Export Citation